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Hi! My name is Iulai. I’m a student of Moscow State Agriculture University, at this moment I am doing my internship at the Firma Appelman. I am studying high technology in agriculture and it’s a great luck that I can have my practise in this company. Here I saw for the first time in my life the use of organic farming. Soil fertility preservation is very important to an environmentally pure product. This company really inspires me. I do various kinds of jobs every day. One day I can weed out the field or harvest, and the next day I can learn and use a navigation system or spraying. It was a surprise for me when we weed by hand. This minimizes a chemical effect on the crop. I noticed there is still much more to learn, like for example storage technology. Moreover the firm uses solar panels. It is a symbol of high technology and ecology for me. I still have some time to learn more about the production and enrich my great experience at the Firma Appelman.


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